martes, diciembre 28, 2010

The 365 days of Andy Soto

I'm always saying that I'm finally going to change, But I will this time!

Nevertheless,somethings will stay the same. I want to KNOW how much I'm going to accomplish.

So, next year I will be really serious.

In 2011, I'll most likely go back to live in Toronto,Canada.

In 2011 I'll still be interested in chaos and randomness.

Sadly, music will still be the most important thing in my life.

I will make yet another record.

In 2011 I´ll still be dreaming in soundscapes.

In 2011 I will have more synthesizers.More more MORE!

In 2011 I will write more short stories, I´ll finish that novel. Maybe.

I will smell the blue breeze of the pacific ocean once again.

In 2011 my dreams will be more interesting that the "real" life around me and I'll deal with it.

I´ll get stoned again, maybe.

In 2011 I will be a dad!

In 2011 I will go to India.

In 2011 I will resist.

I will forget.

I'll keep my mouth shut.But not my mind.

In 2011 I will leave any possible sorrow buried in the snow, to better love the sun!

In 2011, simple happiness will be ENOUGH.

martes, diciembre 21, 2010

la nuit.



I leave my soul on a bench in front of my house every night, eager to know what becomes of her there while I sleep.

I get her back in the morning, and I sit beside her watching the sun light the street once again.

In her eyes,there is an emotion,unfathomable, after all the startles and prodigies of the night.

And all my hopes are false.


I love the night.

I love the night in Mexico City.

I put awesome music on and I just DRIVE.

I drive until I don't know where I am, until the streets become other planets and the sweetness is below my feet.


I saw you in my dream!

I had to wake up as I didn't want to start lying to you again.

jueves, diciembre 16, 2010

kinky karma

I always get what I want!!

Of course, it is in the most untimely,distorted,weird fashion possible.

The kind that leaves you wondering if it wasn't better to just NOT want anything at all in the first place.