jueves, octubre 16, 2014

Tropic of Cancer

I've seen this:

 At some point in the future, in about 10 years I will be officially old . I will be tired of my wanderings and I will be tired of longing all  the time.

  I will be tired of cities, and guitars and synthesizers. I will want a small piece of land in front of the pacific ocean where I can wake up everyday to the roar and greatness of the surfing waves.

 I want to live whatever life I have left in combat shorts, flippers and t-shirts. Wear hats, get tanned beyond possible with the Mexican tropical sun and the salty surf. I don't want to feel cold or know about winters EVER AGAIN.

 I will give up computers and phones, and If I want to see someone I will have to leave my beach (I don't think I'll do it).

  A place where my friends, my loves and everyone I care about can stay and eat the catch of the day, where we can laugh and have beach fires, and maybe talk about the things I saw when I was away,  when I was someone else, when all I had was my dreams in the boring world.

In this place of happiness ,I will be grateful to be alive.