jueves, septiembre 19, 2013

Utopium and Papermaps

 Well here's what I've done:

 My band in France, Utopium, is  finally releasing the follow-up to our 2008 release DOUBLEPLUSGOOD. I remember being restless for that album to be finally released and now this  one took almost TWICE the time to be ready. I consider it to be the best thing I've ever done musicwise within a rock band. I love it. Love the songs, love the sounds, love the general mood. Oh gods it's DARK!  but not dark in a lame EMO way, it's dark because I think it is really deep, it captures those depression years perfectly.

  Meanwhile, in Canada, my new home planet, my other band, Papermaps, is releasing an album as well.

  I finally moved to Toronto in February, we started recording in April and by the end of July we were done, wich for European standards is really fast! well this is North America baby! It has some great songs in it about generational dissapoinment and false hopes, and it really REALLY sounds great. We will be touring to support this record in a couple of weeks.

 Many things have changed in my life, but music remains, stronger, deeper, truer than anything else.

 Music Saves.