jueves, febrero 14, 2013

Tiny Updates

 Well, I said it for years, and now I finally did it.

 I left Europe for good.

It's been 3 months. It's been awesome.

 All my so called problems seem so pityful now. I have a new set of them but they seem more real, more challenging in a good way, there is something to be done about them.

  I said I wanted to move, and now Canada is just a few days away.

 I need to write a proper farewell to that European life but right now I don't feel neither dark nor lost, not even a little sad. It seems like I ran out of things to say and write, but definately not out of things to see and feel.

 I'm as merry and chill as I could ever be. I feel dreamy, and empowered and that's why I say it here, because dreams are the only real thing left for me now.