miércoles, febrero 18, 2009


Ok,I've made this:

It's the result of some years of hard work,of craziness,loud guitar and personal mayhem.It's like 2 years made solid and put into a plastic and paper conglomerate.

You can't see emotions or feelings, but 4 guys put everything they had on the music this CD produces.It is a relief as much as it is a burden to see this album finally produced.Like a long awaited orgasm.

And I'm talking about this album now because it's being released TODAY,after a month of radio and TV airplay

It took me some time to be back to this point in my life.12 years.I had to go to another country in another continent, almost like another planet, and work and dream a lot to finally be back here. maybe my life will FINALLY resume it's course!(now if ONLY I could be able to get the damn book to get published before this year ends...)

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Isabela dijo...

si rifa ese disco
yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah man