viernes, noviembre 01, 2013

Sum ego

I'm an asshole

I'm a liar

I'm a crazy person

I'm a naive man

I'm a poser

I'm an unrealistic individual

I'm a mythomaniac

I'm the best

I'm a mediocre

I'm the worst

I'm a great guitar player

I'm an intimidating delusional person.

I'm like a solid rock

I'm a nerd

I'm a geek

I'm a Bad Mexican

I'm a great lover

I'm addicted to feel. Anything.

I'm boring

I'm funny

I'm really smart 

I'm unreliable

I'm not sincere

I'm humble

I'm unrealistic

I'm a good son

I'm a great friend

I'm a soundmeister

I'm clean

I'm big

I'm stubborn

I'm devious

I'm cruel

I'm a bad, bad writer

I'm a wishful thinker

I'm a really interesting person

I'm ugly

I'm pretencious

I'm proud

I'm fucking beautiful

I'm crafty

I'm really resourceful

I'm a humanist

I'm elocuent

I'm dark, in skin and soul

I burn

I inspire

I'm uninspiring

I sound like Placebo

I'm way out my league

I'm a good joker

I will make it

I have actually already done it.

 Everybody seems to know something and everything about me. These and a million other things I've been told I am. Can you add some more?

 I don't know who I am or what I am, and  I'm just starting to suspect what I want.  I take pride in that fact.

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