miércoles, octubre 08, 2008

cicatriz reloaded

Perhaps, at some point in your sleep during the night,when all your defenses and emotion and randomness are down , a souvenir of me will take you by surprise...

I hope to be not too destroyed, too high or too sleepy to fully enter with that memory and once inside make a cut with it's sharpest edge.

A thin and long wound that will leave you a beautiful and elegant scar ... so when someone caresses you in the dark and accidentaly touches my scar, intrigued,will ask about it and you will have to talk about me.

I hope it will be an overwhelming memory.The most warm ,sublime and humble memory that you have of me. this way,I can leave something behind with you.

the smallest,dumbest thing.

I could settle for that.

2 comentarios:

Galadriel dijo...

¿Cuánto tiempo tarda una cicatriz en sanar? ¿toda una vida, 12 meses, 24 horas, 7 segundos?
"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", aunque quieras arrancarla de la memoria las historias son recurrentes si amas de verdad.

Darinka Rodríguez dijo...

et si tu es au Mexique: porqué écris chez le Français?